LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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7000+ languages in the world

by Stefan Barle

Dear all,
This poster proposal is trying to capture the full diversity of the languages we have in the world in two ways: different languages are pictured by lips with different spirals and moreover a detailed close up of the poster reveals the full list of 7000+ languages we have in the world alive today. Two people exchanging words in different languages want to emphasize that language has to be spoken and passed on from person to person to keep it alive. Else, it fades away, becomes extinct as shown as the diminishing and fading lips on the top middle part of the poster. The ears on the two people are fully visible because not being able to hear also gives birth to another group of languages, the sign languages, which are also included in the list of the languages of the world. I have to admit that I was not previously aware of the full diversity of the languages we have on this planet today and I am very proud to participate with this artwork for such a mind (mouth) opening and important event- the International Mother Language Day.
Stefan Barle