GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

Competition Details


by m.rushing

When I think back to my dorm room college days and my first apartment experience after graduation, I recall the inefficiency of my workspaces. As my professional needs evolved and my residence, therefore space needs, changed, my desk remained the same. Rather than buying a new desk for every educational and professional transition, why not design a desk that is modifiable and versatile enough to accommodate my ever-changing needs. The result ….”Dorma.”

The all maple plywood Dorma consists of two curved sides with slot joints to receive the different shelves and allow for alteration depending on the allotted space. The larger shelf on the left is adequate enough for a printer or fax machine while the slightly smaller shelf on the right will handle file folders as well as small desk electronics such as pencil sharpeners or a telephone. The 26” x 36” desk area adds rigidity to the piece as well as a large enough space for a computer, keyboard, mouse, and paperwork that may be needed for referencing. A small gap was left at the rear of the desk area and slots provided on sides for any wiring. The shelf to top right of the workspace can be used for those items that maybe used frequently such as a dictionary, thesaurus, or staging for your ipod. The two shelves above each other to the left are to get your writing utensils and other small desk objects out of the way but in close proximity for immediate use. The top and bottom shelves are structural components with the bottom acting as a footrest and the top as a bookshelf. The two small “staple” like dividers act as bookends or dividers for organization. Lastly the major structural item that encloses the desk space has two slotted connections on each side to give the piece its rigid frame and pinup space for sketches or pictures to customize your area. The flat pack design allows the desk to be put away in a 48” x 30” x 2.25”, which can easily be slid under a sofa or bed.