GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

Competition Details

Ella's Party

by m.rushing

Lego’s, Lincoln Logs, & Magnetix are just a few building systems that we are exposed to as children. They foster creativity and modular learning and result in a sense of accomplishment. The design of “Ella’s Party,” is inspired by those same building systems as the components are easy enough for a child to connect. However, the result is a functional table and a greater sense of pride.

The maple plywood set consists of one table and four stools. The 30” x 42” egg shaped table has four rectangular mortises to receive the “x” shaped base. The two interlocking legs provide a greater rigidity while the half egg shape compliments its above counterpart with a soft curve. The director inspired 12” high stools have two half slot joints that receive each other to form the base while an angle slotted seat can be slid into its final position for a comfortable height for most 6-10 year olds. The last complimenting feature is the mortise & tenon back support that gives the stool its defined shape. The base of the table can also be flipped vertically as a footrest option. The flat pack design allow the table and stools to be packaged in a 48” x 26 ”x 1.5” which can be put away easily against a wall or in a small storage closet.