GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

Competition Details


by Christophe Koch

People table (PPLTBL) was entirely created with ecological principles & the most minimal design in mind, using as few parts as technically possible. Its extreme simplicity is aimed at fulfilling the basic need for a table to a vast majority of people around the world.
Comprised of 1 tabletop (4x8 feet x 1 inch thick FSC plywood sheet), 4 legs (CNC cut straight from the wood plank), and 4 pre-installed EcoSytems Alpha hardware brackets, PPLTBL assembles & disassembles easily in less than a minute. The table is by essence very eco friendly, making efficient use of the wood material at hand, utilizing strict minimum assembly hardware, and employing a simple repeatable manufacturing process with minimum resources & energy use. Practically speaking, Its ability to transform rapidly between use & storage mode, and slide into its own slim, reusable packaging, makes it the ideal table to be shipped efficiently around the globe (just like a postcard). Its unique eco-design & functionality deliver an ideal solution for 3rd world countries as well as a perfect companion for people in developed areas who often have the need for additional work & social space. PPLTBL could quickly be transformed into a class room, a birthday party, a village gathering & so many other useful things!
From a more biological point of view, this nature-inspired design emulates from multiple animal observations such as: birds, insects, turtles & fish, whose appendage-like wings, legs and fins deploy & retract at will. The negative spaces left in the table when the legs are set up do not alter its functionality: in fact bowls, plates, silverware, books, computers, etc…all naturally find a beautiful landing pad that reveals the beauty of the wood & the smart nesting cavity of the table legs.
The promotion of sustainable wood to preserve our forest along with a clever assembly mechanism that allows the flat shipment of products represent an amazing opportunity for designers to achieve insightful creations. I was thrilled to participate & bring my vision to a world warming up quick & loosing precious life diversity.
Christophe Koch