GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

Competition Details

'Touch Wood'

by oz etzioni

A flat-pack structure of 4 different pieces that assemble the 'Touch Wood' chair. It requires no glue or screws as its design provides the pressure and angles between the parts to hold and stabilize the chair. The X shape legs formed in the base of the seat provide the durability to withstand heavy weights (over 300LB) while preventing any horizontal torsions. The 'Touch Wood' dimensions follow ergonomic studies conclusions, while providing wider surface for both the seat and backrest (both supported by the structure and connections of the 4 parts). It is very easy, self explanatory and quick to assemble, as for disassemble. 'Touch Wood' combines the natural organic material and texture with the geometric 'man-made' shapes and urban environment. It is designed to remind us that of the infinite connection and relationship we have with nature and the trees and the ways we have to find in order to maintain and improve this organic link.