GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

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by zachi gal

A shelving unit designed for dual use.

Designed to be made from a single sheet of FSC-certified plywood measuring 4-feet x 8-feet x 1-inch.

GROWTH comprises of a basic unit and shelves.,The basic unit comprises of a frame and a leg.

Assembling is accomplished by the usage of dry joints with out the use of any hardware or glue.

GROWTH is flat-pack designed.

The strength and stability of GROWTH is obtained by the shelves having interfacing surfaces, These surfaces are supported by the inner sides conical surfaces of the basic unit.
Downward pressure on the shelves tightens and strengthens the connection of the shelves to the basic unit,This pressure tightens and srengthens also the connection of the two parts of the basic unit.