GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

Competition Details

Yes We Can:CAN

by sitemotiv design

True to the spirit of the FSC certified wood of which it is made, the Yes We Can:CAN has been designed to be beautiful and functional, useful in many contexts, efficient in its application and in its creation. Nothing but a CNC router and the wood itself is required for manufacture or assembly/disassembly/reassembly.

The idea for the YWC:CAN started from the core beliefs that the conversion from 4’ x 8’ plywood sheet to finished object should generate as little waste as possible and that the function of the finished object should respect and respond to the missions of the Forest Stewardship Council and The Nature Conservancy. Furthering the use of resources already at work in our manufactured and natural environments, while adding beauty and inspiration to those very same environments, seems entirely consistent with the intent of these worthy organizations and of this competition.

Though certainly not limited in its possible uses to the following, the YWC:CAN was initially conceived for these resource sensitive applications-

Rain barrel
Recyclables collector
Refuse collector
Compost bin

As with wooden barrels of olde, the YWC:CAN uses vertical staves and pressure rings, in conjunction with the tendency of wood members to swell when exposed to water, to create a leak-tight vessel for the collection and storage of rain water for irrigation etc. YWC:CANs can be placed at the terminus of each gutter downspout on residential and commercial buildings- the water collected reduces the draw from energy and chemical intensive treated sources.

The multi-part lid system of the YWC:CAN allows apertures for various inputs e.g. plastic bottles, aluminum cans, paper etc. When the ‘signage’ lid is in the down position, the YWC:CAN is closed to the elements. The beauty and distinctiveness of the YWC:CAN will allow it to be placed in naturally and aesthetically sensitive areas where ‘normal’ receptacles would not be welcome. It could of course also be used as an attractive refuse collector as well.

Food and plant waste can be stored and processed for compost in the YWC:CAN. The image or text depicting decorative drill-hole dot patterns (that tap the variously-colored plys and that are possible on all surfaces) can be set to go completely through the wood, allowing aeration and evaporation of excess liquid. When it is time to re-use the compost, the YWC:CAN’s ‘break-down-able’ nature makes for very easy access.

Can we? Yes we can with the Yes We Can:CAN!