GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

Competition Details

Single Panel 4, Lounge Chairs

by D. E. Sellers

Single Panel 4, Lounge Chairs. Objective turn one 4’x8’ panel of plywood into comfortable seating using only the material without fasteners or glue. Use the natural characteristics of plywood to transform flat surfaces into a non-static object.
Outcome, two arm chairs that react to their user by taking advantage of the flexible ability of plywood and it’s resistance to shear stress. A cantilevered seat and back flex to create a slight curve when loaded with an occupant. The seat is attached to the side structure at the front of the chair. When weight is applied to seat near the intersection of the back the plywood flexes creating a curve and springiness experienced by the user. The seats movement is regulated by passing through a void in the backrest limiting the downward movement of the seat as to avoid failure of the plywood. This element also provides a window and visual evidence of the mechanics of the chair. Similar to the seat the backrest is attached to the structure only at it’s bottom most point also allowing flexure to increase comfort. The backrest as well has a motion limiter in the form of the arm rest that surrounds the sides and back of the structure.
This exploration of form and structure press the limitation of not just maximization of material, but also push it’s physical aspects as well. The SP4 raises the question again of what are the possibilities of a 4’x8’ panel of plywood with no fasteners or glue.