GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

Competition Details

Single Panel 3, Table and Chairs

by D. E. Sellers

Single Panel 3, Table and Chairs. A true deign challenge in efficiency and maximization of available material. The table and chairs achieves a coffee table and 4 low reclined chairs from one 4’x8’ plywood panel without the use of fasteners or glue of any kind.
The table and chairs achieve their physical joinery by use of a 2 stage datos created by the designer specifically for this application. The table is successful because of the 2-stage dato, where in the joint connecting the table top to the legs is flush to the tabletop surface. Using the same strategy for a different application the chairs incorporate a variation of the 2 stage dato in order to counteract torsional loads applied the seat and back structures. Each chair retains certain utilitarianism with its handles located at the top of the seat back for positioning, transporting or hanging. The table also uses its center most portion as structure for the chairs.
Contrary to ones first impression the chairs encourage correct posture achieving surprising comfort. Reminiscent of traditional Asian design fused with a modern edge, the SP3 considers the importance of design in relation to the social context. The table is designed in close proximity to the ground, giving balance to the chairs, all from one panel, no waste and no fasteners.