GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

Competition Details

Plywood Table

by William Hoffman

Plywood Table

Good Design is a result of pleasing aesthetics, meeting utilitarian requirements, good quality at a low cost, simple production, compact packaging, easy distribution and uncomplicated assembly.

•Aesthetically elegant with angular lines, soft curves and intersecting planes.
•Utilitarian in providing the basic function of a table.
•Good quality in the use of FSC certified Appleply with structural integrity created in the juxtaposition of the plywood planes.
•Low cost in its efficient use of material • Simple production in cutting the nested shapes from a sheet of plywood
•Compact packaging and ease of distribution with the nested pieces fitting into a 42”x 42”x 1.5” flat carton.
•Uncomplicated assembly with a single hex key driver.