GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

Competition Details

Habitat of plywood twigs

by anviere

Urban infrastructure involves constructions from man made materials removing a natural landscape directly affecting the habitat of many different species of animals.

Animals are resourceful using material from their surrounding environment to create their home. However in dense urban cities, resources are geared more for human usage. The proposal is to encourage wildlife inhabiting the most unlikely concrete setting.

The design consists of just over 600 'twigs' that can be assembled randomly to fit any existing configuration. They come in 3 lenghts (140mm. 250mm and 340mm) to create a system of superstructure, substructure and detail). They are assembled with tight fitting dovetail joints for ease and avoid creating additional fixing elements.
They can be joined at either 30deg, 60deg or 90deg to achieve many design configurations. Each twig size has a different contoured underside for easy identification, improve water run-off and to add visual interest.

Because of its versatility, it can fit in any environment and mimic several natural habitats such as bird's nest or beaver's lodge amongst others.