GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

Competition Details

"Papanik" Flatpack Dinette Set

by Sean Ragan

A full-size round dining table and four stools from a single 4x8' panel, assembled by integral tabs and slots, with no fasteners, for manufacture by computer-controlled milling. Readily knocked down for storage or transport. The plan adopts the familiar halved-together support device after Christopher "Kit" Nicholson, but minimizes wastage by locating the table-top and seats between the legs of their respective support members, so that, for instance, the edge of the tabletop is formed by the same cut that forms the underside of the legs. Besides efficiency in materials and manufacture, this arrangement achieves a pleasing arched aesthetic in the assembled set.

Included are two parts plans, one which shows "ideal" tool paths, which we define as those cuts we would make if we could slice the material with zero kerf. This, of course, is impossible. The second plan shows real tool paths and their corresponding kerfs to chosen to produce tight-fitting parts while maximizing the strength of critical members. We have assumed a 1/4" diameter vertical mill, that makes only through cuts in the substrate. Also included are a perspective rendering of a complete set of four seats and a table (with human figure for scale), and a plan 3-view both for the table and for a single seat.