GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

Competition Details

Bar stool “Lumberjack’s pants”

by mica
Co-authors: Milic Kovacevic,Marina Kovacevic

“Lumberjack’s pants”

I come from a family that was working with wood for four generations , and in honour of my ancestors I created this stool to incorporate a part of traditional furniture making and my design. My intention was show the beauty and lastingness of this noble material. Using traditional joints, and with little modifications using CNC machines, we get an ornament which makes the chair unique.

The final touch of Lamberjack's pants stool is water based colour and varnish with a low VOC ("Benjamin Moor" products).

With only slight joint modifications every workshop in Serbia with a curvilinear machine for panels cutting can make this stool.

The bar stool elements fit to each other and it is possible to pack them all in a box 120x40x3 cm, so it usess up as less space as possible making transport less costly, and that the end user could assemble it with a scheme.

The bar stool – lumberjack’s pants, are made from eko plywood 1inch in thickness, which has a FSC certificate, standard dimensions 8x4ft. The main lead in creating this product was the intension to use most of the material while cutting out the specified elements. By assembling these elements on this way, from one panel 6 chairs could be made, this can be seen on the drawing cutting shame.