GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

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loiter bench

by Ruairi Molloy

loiter bench

going with the grain

with a brief of finding a use for 1 sheet of plywood, the obvious choice seemed to be to design a piece of furniture.

the design aims to create a bench which responds to the user either sitting or laying down. since most benches are used for sleeping (or resting your eyes!), a decision was made to embrace this use and to encourage it in the design process.

we started by taking the various ergonomic situations, both laying on your back and laying on your side. Then we took a flat surface and molded it around these different positions. we then morphed these different positions together (while ensuring that no one position was unsound ) and came up with a resultant form.

we then took the form and contoured it horizontally at acceptable distances. this gave us the various profiles we required to construct the bench. two cross ribs were also set up to hold the profiles together. the profiles and ribs were set up on a standard plywood sheet, and the furniture can be simple cut out and assembled.

enjoy !