GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

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by özlem bostan

Mamma, which designed for kids is convertable in a period of babyhood and teenage time. Usable for long life time in an conseptual ecolojic furnuture.
At the pieces; make easy to portability, immobilize to use of accessories; provide to combine of pieses to each other and being change of furniture prop up with aim to opening emptiness have been maken a charecter …it’s influential to learning to consept; like eye; mouth;noise improve along with the children imagination …
Mama can be brought from divied to four location. Chair of Mama; make chair higher, normal chair; and double of seating element…
Use of aim to chair; it’s provide to use of easy become a united whole of dinner atmospheric and the table . the seating element can be use of the different aim to desire .