WOOD, PAPER, CHECKMARK: design an awareness campaign for sustainable forestry

Competition Details


by Vinu

I have attempted to develop a visual language that FSC could use not just for it’s print ad but on it website and on other promotional material. This would help create brand recognition.

The print ad is at a first glance a simple representation of a tree. But a closer look reveals the world map created by the roots of the tree. This is to convey the idea that cutting a tree destroys not just the tree but also the world itself. The tag line (“ A tree is more than just a tree.”) used is also simple and straightforward supporting the same idea.

The web buttons and banners carry the visual language forward and are designed to match the language of the modern web. The overall feel is kept warm trying to convey a positive feel rather than a gloomy one. The color palette used is also in tune with this idea.

My suggestion for the url for the FSC website is www.freetree.com