WOOD, PAPER, CHECKMARK: design an awareness campaign for sustainable forestry

Competition Details

Wood You Care?

by Danny Khoury

As I was brainstorming for the brief, I thought to myself, what was the common idea or keyword? So I came up with many words: pulp, paper, forest, tree, furniture and many others that I'm sure every other participant has thought of. I wanted to take that one word and push it further into an idea that would strike the target in its core.
Wood seemed to me the closest word in common between all those underdeveloped ideas.
I had to find a catchy phrase with a twist.
"Wood You Care?" was formed. Simply said, it is a general rhetorical question which would be answered by a strictly positive response by the “conservation-engaged” individuals, and at the same time an indirect imply to the core topic of the brief, wood.
When i came to the design part, i wanted the design to be simple and not overtop the message. So i tried to mimic the texture of the wood graphically, after tens of trials, the right pattern was achieved, and it would engulf the phrase which is at the core where the answer to that question is the essential decision to be made by the people.
A small sentence below the main phrase explains it more, after catching their attention first.
In a smaller typeface, I have added a little description about FSC, a statement asking to buy FSC-certified products, and ended with a URL for the certified product locations.
The logo is placed on the bottom right with the white background and the exclusion zone, all in a shape of a fold of the paper to reveal behind it the brown color representing the wood from where it emerges, again stating the URL.