WOOD, PAPER, CHECKMARK: design an awareness campaign for sustainable forestry

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don't be the last resort!!!

by Jeronimo Tani


Our message is simple: Don't let your garden be the last forest (wood reserve) of the planet.
A solution already exists, so don't waste any more time and support FSC to manage the forests around
the world.

"Don't be the last resort, the forest is yours too, help us to protect it."

It exists a possibility to change all that.

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We are situated in the future, where the FSC was't supported enough, there is no more forest.
No more trees, no more wood. Yes there is!!!! At your home!!!!
A pack of people lumberjacks, come to your garden to cut all the wood they find. Your house becomes a
wood self-service: Trees, toys, dog's house...

The slogan doesn't judge, it's a near future reality that everyone will have, so: "don't be the last resort"

The forest belongs to every human being, its important to remember: "the forest is your's to"

Now let's give a solution: "Help us protect it. FSC