WOOD, PAPER, CHECKMARK: design an awareness campaign for sustainable forestry

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by michael robinson
Co-authors: MIchael Turek (photography), Veronica Reo (copy, concept)

IF YOU KNEW... is a campaign whos vehicles are three full page ads, four quarter page ads, three web banners, a web icon and an iPhone application FSC-UPC TAP and SNAP.

The print and web series connects the viewer's everyday objects with actual, measured FSC impact; topics called out in FSC published literature:
FSC’S Impact In the Forest –
A Literature Review of Independent Research, October 2008.

- "Less deforestation, less wildfires in Guatemala"
- "Communities granted land titles / Indigenous people secure land use rights"
- "Russia-Europe: market stability and security"
- "Local employment in Latvia's rural areas"

Also, the ad calls out a search-able on-line database of FSC certified products and manufacturers at a proposed address:

"know your wood (dot) com"

FSC-UPC TAP and SNAP uses UPC recognition technology (ICR) to transform your iPhone into an indispensable tool for learning about products that promote healthy, sustainable forests.

The campaign's goal is to make the effects of the viewer's everyday decisions immediate - applied to the viewer's regional, local and global issues.