WOOD, PAPER, CHECKMARK: design an awareness campaign for sustainable forestry

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Consider the source

by Nicholas Ruzhnikov
Co-authors: Chris Caro

The biggest problem that we face in the fight against illegal logging is that the majority of the world does not know it exists. How can one solve a problem without being aware of it? What we must do is inform the people of this devastating industry and make everyone aware that the products we buy can and will make a difference. People would not buy a shirt knowing an overworked child made it, just as they wouldn’t use paper if they knew it was made from trees that were logged illegally. By showing a simple pencil with a leaf growing out of it we’re communicating how many products we use that are made of wood and how close to home this problem truly is. This problem effects the environment as well as the economy. We’re introducing the people to this problem without placing blame or frightening our audience. We’re simply saying to Consider the Source. Consider where and how your products were made. Consider the fact that we can help eliminate this crippling industry by buying FSC-Certified products. The smallest effort that anyone instills will make a difference. Consider the Source.