WOOD, PAPER, CHECKMARK: design an awareness campaign for sustainable forestry

Competition Details


by Figure

1.Call-to-action Message (textual Aspect)

Visit our website and find what to buy
for protecting forests all over the world."

This main message tells the consumers that their precise knowledge of FSC will keep themselves from destroying forests, and therefore they should choose FSC-certified forest products to protect forests. This message also calls them strongly to visit FSC website to find and buy the products.

The main message is followed by the body in case of Print Ad:
"To buy and use FSC-certified forest products such as building materials, paper, furniture and flooring for your life and business is to protect forests and keep them sustainable. FSC label for paper and wood products is an assurance that you can purchase them from the legal and responsible forestry. Please visit our website, and find what is good for earth."

2.Call-to-action Message (Visual Aspect):

There is two visual icons composing the ads; one is square green tree, and the other is red tree. These symbolizes timbers cut down from forests to be used for human life, and green tree means FSC-certified while red one means NOT FSC-certified. Visual messages in the campaign graphic tell the consumers that if they buy the FSC-certified forest products, it leads to the forest protect, by expressing visually that the square green trees increase; but if they don't know FSC and buy the FSC-certified products, it cause the forest destruction by expressing the several square red trees. In this context, the visual message is connected with textual message that "IGNORANCE IS DESTRUCTION". In the print ad, square green trees makes up a big green tree, which is a metaphor for the forest.

3.URL suggestion


It is preferable that URL address is simple to be memorable or noted if you see it at Magazine ad. “www.FSC100.com” is a suggestion of one of simplest addresses to be easy to remember.
In the name of URL, "100" means the followings:

1.100 percent uses of FSC products in human life
2.100 percent product made by FSC-certified materials
3. Next hundred years toward the sustainable future