WOOD, PAPER, CHECKMARK: design an awareness campaign for sustainable forestry

Competition Details

Identify Yourself!

by Inti Mansour

The campaign aims to prompt people to identity themselves with FSC. Through this identity people will also identify themselves as protecting the forests and the environment. It also directs people in every ad to a website were they can easily look for FSC marked products.

The character ‘Paper’ is created to avoid judging people who might ignorantly participate in destroying forests and to associate the message of FSC with paper -the major product responsible for logging.

The color of the background is the same color as the FSC logo. This will help keep the background calm and because it is dark the message attracts more attention.

This campaign is presented through a package of ads that in their total give the message to the target group. This will not tire or annoy the target group when giving the message repeatedly and still help them to remember it by repetition. It will also create some curiosity about the campaign and keep it fresh.

The website name corresponds with the campaign title ‘Identify yourself’ and the FSC name. This way people will not forget it easily.