WOOD, PAPER, CHECKMARK: design an awareness campaign for sustainable forestry

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Ten Good Reasons

by vslflvr

Ten Good Reasons
- to buy FCS certified products.

(domain name is available)

People need reasons to pay extra for FCS certified products. And it is very important that the reasons presented to potential buyers make them feel they really are helping.

The "Ten Good Reasons" campaign will make people feel they actually can make a difference. In a simple way it catches peoples attention and makes them curious about how they can help and what the other reasons might be.

It is all kept very simple in order to attract peoples attention by means of conscience and curiosity and thus making it an experience for them to explore the possibilities of being able to help people and the environment in a simple and easy way.

The campaign is accompanied by a website with the ten reasons presented in an orderly and intelligible way which will give the visitors space to think and act on the simple and easy to understand reasons. Furthermore the website will link to retailers of FCS certified products.