WOOD, PAPER, CHECKMARK: design an awareness campaign for sustainable forestry

Competition Details


by Beata Beatrix

This campaign consists of a series of print ads and web applications that feature different images of wood/paper products juxtaposition with images of deforestation. The objective is to communicate the impact of mass consumption of such products on our forest, especially if they are made out of natural resources without a responsible and proper forestry management.
The print ad sample shown uses a pencil that has been used to its very end to communicate the rapid depletion of our forest. The pencil is merged with a tree to strengthen the visual message. All other ads will carry this similar approach using other commonly used products, such as toilet papers, wood for constructions and so on. For example, another ad will be presented with papers printing off a printer that forms into collaged image of a tree.
All media in this campaign shares a rustic and earthy visual identity. The main headline is hand written to further visual identity and to fiercely represent the urgency of this matter.
The online campaign consists of a main site – www.STOPTHINKACT.com, a suite of web banners and buttons and also Facebook applications. The main site serves to inform its audience about the FSC labeling system and introduces products that have been approved by FSC. This site also aims to build a community that can help to spread awareness regarding deforestation. Users of the site will be able to connect to other users through social networking site such as Facebook.
Users can also download a Facebook widget from www.STOPTHINKACT.com. This widget will appear on the users profile as a map to inform the users about the success rate of this FSC Call to Action campaign. Buttons and badges of this campaign are also available on the main site for downloads. They can be used on blog sites or even on users’ Facebook or MySpace profile as an indication of users’ support on this issue.
Web banners that will be advertised online can also be downloaded on the site and be used on blog sites to help propagate the message. These banners, as shown in the samples, though simpler in design, carry a consistent visual identity with the print ads. Web users will be led to www.STOPTHINKACT.com once they click on the banners or buttons on the any sites visited.