WOOD, PAPER, CHECKMARK: design an awareness campaign for sustainable forestry

Competition Details

Finding FSC-products has never been that easy,

by jean-luc Alfonsi
Co-authors: Isabelle Ribes, Jean-Luc Alfonsi

The objectives for this campaign were:
-to make obvious that we talk about wooden products
-to show that we give them an easy solution to their objectives. This campaign can be used at 2 different levels; either targeting people already into the search of FSC labelled wood as they are already well aware of the deal or targeting those who are willing to act for the forest but do not know already that buying FSC would help.
-to emphasize the Logo and make it unforgettable, as much as create an icon that would give life to FSC into a product representing the “product searcher website”. This icon, will animate all the communication with a strong identity and could be reused on the future website.
-to touch the people targeted by a very simple mean
-to let them think about the future through the image of the child as much as makes them remember the good old time.


1-The main visual: it shows one of the simplest and more beautiful product to touch the audience, and introduce the fact that now, it will be easy. Either easy to act for the forest or to find FSC products.
2-The banners: the image shows a suite of banners that would be animated in time. The small icon will go upward clumsily as directed by a child hand. After hesitating it enters the “tree hole”. Then appears the claim.
During the whole ascension the name of the site passes by behind the wooden board.
3-The button: it represents the direct link between the label and the product. A morphing from the product icon into the label makes it obvious. Then the name of the site passes by.
4-The site name: www.fscmarket.com makes very clear what will be found on the site and gives an old touch to a virtual shop.
5-The viral application: our icon will be playing on its playground (the whole screen) clumsily as looking for something. As soon as it is touch by the mouse, it goes into the “tree hole” of the banner.
6-The community network application: an other game that gives a glimpse to the website through the “tree holes”. It gives the opportunity to explore more deeply any product you are interested in (same as for people joining and playing on the FSC community).