WOOD, PAPER, CHECKMARK: design an awareness campaign for sustainable forestry

Competition Details

World, meet Tom.

by Angela Crouse

World, meet Tom. Tom is the proposed starting point in personifying the seemingly mysterious world of FSC. One of the many challenges to FSC is that they are uneven globally in consumer awareness. With Tom on the job, the messaging is able to reach a wide range of audiences in a positive manner. We all know that the destruction of forests is bad. We all know that we should be buying products that are environmentally responsible, but without a general knowledge of what FSC is – it can be difficult to convince a consumer to request it.

The overall visual is clean and simple while including both natural textures of wood and paper. The copy immediately explains who Tom is, about FSC and why you would want to purchase it over another product. The web site proposal, www.helpsavetom.com can be easily remembered by consumers by allowing another form of visual connection.

The online banner ads are animated to draw user attention and allow for various headlines and sub-headlines creating a call to action to the site. The variety of copy found in the banners, once again, allow for a wider range of consumer awareness. Tom’s witty sense of humor engages the user to go to the website where they can read more about what Tom has to say about the products. A proposed landing page headline would include: “Welcome, thank you for helping save the world.”

Tom is not only an advertising campaign, but one that will create awareness to all types of audiences. This concept could be carried out into innovative campaigns reaching from experienced builders who have not always used FSC to the college student on facebook that can relate to Tom - purchasing FSC paper for his printer just because he now knows it’s the smart thing to do.