WOOD, PAPER, CHECKMARK: design an awareness campaign for sustainable forestry

Competition Details

Know Forestry

by 1187 Creative
Co-authors: Zak Ouart, Ben Ouart, Steven Darby, Russ Gruber, Lindsey Cox

The culture of our small city in Southern Illinois is very focused on sustainability and appreciation of natural resources. Specifically, there are many beautiful forests to visit in our immediate area. We are surrounded by the Shawnee National Forest, so we have all come to enjoy and respect these places. This is why we jumped at the chance to participate in this competition.

As you will see, we have illustrated a scene of a chair growing roots in an otherwise domestic environment. We wanted to remind the viewer, with dramatic effect, where wood products come from. We illustrated this point by having the roots break up the man-made tiled surface. We believe our image is engaging at first glance, drawing the viewer into the scene to investigate. Upon investigation, the viewer is made aware of their ability to search for and buy responsibly by visiting the website.

This type of image/scene can also be duplicated using a wide range of wood-based products, such as tables, beds, benches, etc., ensuring that the campaign maintains a central theme while staying fresh and engaging in its imagery.

The URL we chose, www.KnowForestry.com, is a statement. It challenges us to learn more about how wood products are being developed. It’s short, easy to remember and to the point. We also believe the URL name ties in with your goals of educating the public. People should “know” how responsible management of the world’s working forests can help sustain one of the earth’s greatest natural resources and how they can do their part by buying responsibly.
(We have confirmed the URLs availability and purchased it.)

Thank you in advance for your consideration of our entry.