WOOD, PAPER, CHECKMARK: design an awareness campaign for sustainable forestry

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The Trees Cry Out

by James Sun
Co-authors: Heidi Chan

The trees cry out, yet the forests have no voice. They stand silent. The images in this campaign seek to visualize a voice. A voice that calls out when there is injustice. A voice that cries out in distress. A voice that calls out for a savior or a friend. Like the sound of a baby crying, it is a sound that is hard to ignore.

The full size print ads contain a freshly cut tree in the shape of a megaphone. The beauty of the tree rings stand in contrast to the bulldozers leveling a forest. The skyscraper is an image of a man cutting a tree down. The purpose of it is to bring to the forefront, what is happening in remote places. The Horizontal banner is tree line reflected in a lake, but it is also suggestive of a sound or voice wave. The button is a radio beacon in the shape of a tree, which transmits sound waves across a vast distance.

If a tree is illegally cut down in a forest, and no one is around to hear it, will there be any action to stop it? The FSC is that voice for the trees. When no one else is watching, the FSC is keeping the forestry industry accountable for practicing sustainability. This ad campaign seeks to reach out to the people who have never heard of FSC. It also targets those that have heard about it, but do not sense the urgency to make any notable impact. It gives ordinary consumers the power to be informed, and to buy responsibly. The overall message is for people to wake up to what is happening around the world, and to be a voice for the forests that are being cut down.