WOOD, PAPER, CHECKMARK: design an awareness campaign for sustainable forestry

Competition Details

part and parcel

by Erika Zammit

The imposition of nature over a contemporary individual signifies that we are part and parcel with nature. Trees need fauna to disperse their seeds, fertilise them by decomposing what was once living and for a variety of other reasons. Fauna including humans consider trees as part of the food chain, use them for shelter, oxygen ecetera.

No other text is utilised except for the suggested url that I as a contestant have come up with. (At some point it was a bit unclear whether I was meant to include the design 21 url, the instructions were vague.) The image speaks for itself and allows the audience to interpret the image the way they would like to. As the images are of nature the audience can only interpret this image in a positive way.

No retouching has been done to this image especially to the individual so as to go with the more natural, 'as it is' image of nature. The woman has no make up and she is used to appeal to the majority of the environmentally conscience that would be buying fsc products - women. She is socially and environmentally conscious - she is an ethnic feminist and appeals to the changing attitude in society to accept women as they are rather than viewing the perfect Caucasian female models.

The buttons are basic and utilse the colour of the fsc logo to keep the colours consistent. However, the colour of the buttons have been given an opacity so it is not quite the same as the colour of the logo, but ensures that it is on the same scale.