WOOD, PAPER, CHECKMARK: design an awareness campaign for sustainable forestry

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Now You Know. Buy FSC.

by Anna Radjou
Co-authors: Anna Nazaretz Radjou, Jenna Caudillo

Consumers are longing to know that their wood and paper products are responsibly and legally sourced. They are educated, active and passionate- they know that illegal logging and deforestation have a devastating affect on the environment, people, and economies. They do not want to support these practices but have yet to realize there is a powerful resource available to guide their purchases.

The strategy behind this campaign capitalizes on this well developed and deep rooted desire among consumers. The message makes an immediate connection with the consumer- conveying FSC understands their priorities and is ready to support them with the FSC seal. This connection allows consumers to quickly focus on the their newfound knowledge that the tool they need exists and is at their disposal. From here, consumers will realize the website is the key to this tool- the starting place in their efforts to support all the things they care about.