WOOD, PAPER, CHECKMARK: design an awareness campaign for sustainable forestry

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Greener Wood

by G.M. Hasanuzzaman

We use wood and wooden products in our regular social life, but we seldom realize that we are using a huge amount of wood from a great number of tree, which are being destroy quench our thirst!

My AD campaign is divided into two sequels of print Ads. In the first ad, it asks consumer that can we stop using Wood. This part will make him/her realize the fact of our dependency on the trees. To do this I have made a scene with various familiar daily life objects to portray the vast use of wood

Then in the second part of the Ad, it says, if you can't stop using wood then at least use product of "Greener" (sustainable or farmed wood) wood. This scene continues from the first part and shows a hand which took a pencil from pencil holder and coloring a tree. That pencil is the only one with a green led which can make the barren tree green (a metaphor of our forest). And this only pencil, is made from FSC certified farmed tree.

My suggested URL: www.use-greener.com