WOOD, PAPER, CHECKMARK: design an awareness campaign for sustainable forestry

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Trees are not recyclable

by palmadesign
Co-authors: Eva Carreiro, Rui Palma


“Trees are not recyclable” is the headline for the poster that intent to sensibilize people for one of the most critical problems of our planet, the deforestation.

In our days recycling is getting more and more in our homes and habits, it´s regular to recycle glass, plastic, paper and others, or should be. These actions are not enough, we are recycling but not buying recycled products, that´s why we are achieving a limit, Mother Nature is no longer able to produce what we are getting from her.

To call people attention a strong headline, “TREES ARE NOT RECYCLABLE”, is located on the top of the poster. The main idea for this work is to have a home recycling paper basket, full of printed pictures of trees and forest, giving the idea that the forest is not recyclable. A link situated on the right bottom “www.buy-fsc.com” gives to people the place where they can buy products from FSC.