WOOD, PAPER, CHECKMARK: design an awareness campaign for sustainable forestry

Competition Details

Save Grin be Green…Save Forest…Support FSC

by Mayank Poonekar


Design Description

FSC symbol between two falling trees:-

It signifies that the FSC is to protect illegal cutting of the trees and thus protecting trees or forest because trees in the icon are about to fall position but have not touched the ground. Also it symbolises human support for saving trees, since it appears like holding them. Since the trees are cut in the picture from the bottom does it send message clearly that FSC is to avoid such cutting of trees?

Green Earth:-

Green Earth symbolises that saving the forest we can keep our planet green which is sign of prosperity, fertility, etc. And showing the earth means FSC as an organisation is not limited to any country or continent only but is omnipresent and ask for support of people all over the world.

Save Grin be Green…Save Forest…Support FSC:-

Of course the caption mention that save smile by being green and thus which can be achieved by saving forest and supporting FSC and grin sounds like ‘Green’ means save forest or trees clearly donates that we can’t live without being green. About support FSC means it is not only to protect forest but teaches us about various things to be green, e.g. - buying FSC supported Products, etc.


This is the url for FSC official website, the word ‘afforestation’ clearly means FSC being an organisation for forest support or trees and thus promoting protecting of forest all over the world.