WOOD, PAPER, CHECKMARK: design an awareness campaign for sustainable forestry

Competition Details

Go Further - Protect Forests

by Candace Sepulis
Co-authors: Jenn L. Harris

The “Go Further – Protect Forests” campaign takes an intelligent, motivational approach that is geared toward socially conscious, conservation-minded consumers. It displays the action promoted by the campaign in an educational and inclusive frame, aiming to prompt the consumer to learn more about FSC-certified products and incorporate them into their everyday lives.

Since marketing research has indicated that many in the target demographic already know what FSC-certified products are, we took a relatively light approach that links the action of choosing FSC-certified products with other steps the reader may already be taking and encourages them to add that ‘next step’ to their ‘to-do list.’

The understated layout incorporates the logo prominently in the centre of the page while showcasing various products – paper, magazines, the wood of a table – that could be FSC-certified. The message and call-to-action are easily distinguishable through both their position on the page and bolder font, and the viewer’s eye can follow the course of action – ‘Go Further > Protect Forests > protectforests.com’ – with ease. “Protect Forests” is a simple, memorable message, and ‘protectforests.com’ is currently a vacant domain.

This campaign uses an uncomplicated, open invitation to “Go Further” in working to protect the environment, encouraging readers to investigate the website. The idea of “Go Further” recognizes that the target consumers are discerning, busy individuals who most likely acknowledge the value of green spaces and forests as well as pushing their own personal limits. The list format also strives to affirm the existing actions that consumers may have already taken while simultaneously encouraging them to do more.

In creating the campaign, however, we also want to engage those who may not yet be aware of FSC certification. From that perspective, the list image can be used as an educational tool. It builds an understanding of FSC certification as a positive initiative by comparing it to other widely known environmental and social justice issues. Any reader will understand that choosing FSC-certified products is one piece in a network of ways to preserve the natural environment.

The final line in the image – “Take a stand against illegal logging and deforestation” – is meant to provide a final, more serious urging for readers. It connects the affirmational tone of the rest of the image with a more weighty call to action, leaving readers intrigued and motivated to head to the website to find out more.