WOOD, PAPER, CHECKMARK: design an awareness campaign for sustainable forestry

Competition Details

Forest For Sale

by Christopher Nguyen

"Forest For Sale" is the suggestion for not only the name of my project, but the url as well. This is what we're basically doing with our forest, it's essentially just profit. Everyday we see instances of bad business decisions, people not taking the time to look at the future and current effects we make on the world, buying and selling products; and as consumers we affect the habits of future generations/consumers to come, especially when it comes to wood products.

1/2 : this is a half page ad, two color (could be one) printed on a more grain-like paper texture. If the ad is put in a more text heavy and photo heavy magazine, it would really standout because of it's simplicity, and the impact of the content/research it presents.

3 : The typographic treatment would be used in larger print ads, helping lessen the blow financially, but still retain impact, and still resonate with the FSC brand.

4 : The idea behind the visual, simply put, is that “forests harvest the worlds animals”(and could be filled with many other categories or subject, tree types [leaves], food [fruits and vegetation]). Because with poor harvesting habits, we affect the animals and habitats that live in these forests.

5 : As for the web banners, they should always stick close to the print ads messaging, this can really help down the road to control the content that is provided to the public, to keep them up and on track with recent developments of the company, and the issues we still face. the 120x90 are similar to the bottom portion of these banners (couldn't fit it).

6 : It’s kind of a shame to not be able to show my interactive banner (technical difficulties). But the banners are about 25kb, and lasts about 25-30 seconds, normally banners are quick fast and too the point. This banner really helps put people in a space, and hopefully make them find some time to look and think. This also really helps build a story, and break up the content. But most importantly set the stage for more ideas and begin a visual source/point of reference to build from to really help raise the brand awareness of the FSC.

Help the FSC, the next time you buy paper, furniture, etc., purchase wisely; join a new age of consumers, by being a responsible one.