WOOD, PAPER, CHECKMARK: design an awareness campaign for sustainable forestry

Competition Details

Wood Grows on Trees.com

by Sam Dunne


This concept began with the URL name. I sought simplicity, memorability and meaning.

"Wood Grows on Trees" is an idea that operates on several levels. The name is both intruiging and playful yet simple, positive and accessible. The consumer is also confronted with the connection between the wood we consume and its origins.

I developed something of a "brand" for this URL name though simplicity was key in order to avoid detracting from the FSC logo.

The advertising campaign stemmed from the URL name - i.e. playing with the idea of wood growing on trees. The correct balance between broadcasting the FSC and the new URL was a challange. I opted to keep FSC logo very prominant to avoid it seeming as though the site was only approved by FSC and not run by it. The tree graphic even references the FSC logo style.

The concept of fruit, wood and trees could prove a sustainable source of inspiration for future advertisment campaigns. I offer a second full page concept as an example.

The web ads shown are intended as animated flash banners. Both the standard banner and the standard skyscrapper are shown in steps - with the skyscrapper, for example, we can see a line growing that turns into the tree, that sprouts a wooden chair and then a banner appears. The enlarged step indicates the non-animated alternative.

I also offer the aesthetic of Wood Grows on Trees as a possibility for the new website when desirable.

image 1 - intro slide/brand
image 2 - full page ad
image 3 - quarter page ad
image 4 - web ads
image 5 - "fruit" future or parallel ad example
imag3 6 - web aesthetic example