WOOD, PAPER, CHECKMARK: design an awareness campaign for sustainable forestry

Competition Details

I Protect Forests Around The World

by John Charles
Co-authors: Nayda Rosado

This FSC campaign was inspired by Milton Glaser’s “I Love NY” logo, we came out with the concept “I Protect Forests Around the World” promoting a simple yet direct message to FSC consumers. Using an old corrugated cardboard, as background, organic colors and designs we created a minimalist and modern campaign creating awareness about the protection of the forests. Our intention is to attract the environmentalists by having a fresh and natural appearance, to make them visit the website (www.iprotectforests.com) and buy FSC certified wood and paper products. The colors for the design were inspired from the color of the FSC logo. The call-to-action is written with a serif typeface for a serious and elegant look, meanwhile the rest of the text is done with an organic, hand written typeface.

The “protect forests” symbol was designed with the intention of being used as an icon itself. Using different greens and adding a paper cut in shape of a tree with the words “protect forests’ inside a green circle.

In addition to the recycle cardboard we included an old crumbled paper, cut in shape of a tree, in the video using stop motion to give it a more natural and real appearance. Stop motion is the technique where a certain object appears to move on its own, this is done by moving the object frame by frame, giving the illusion of movement when the sequence is played. We took eight pictures of the paper tree showing how it starts to crumble to its final stage, which is just a simple piece of folded paper, creating a quick, organic movement. The video is an interpretation of a forest made with recycled materials: the cardboards represent dried, brown mountains and the tree represents how they are poorly managed nowadays, causing devastating consequences like deforestation.