WOOD, PAPER, CHECKMARK: design an awareness campaign for sustainable forestry

Competition Details

Respect The Tree & Buy FSC

by Ryan Currier

To develop the FSC Awareness Campaign For Sustainable Forestry, I first developed a clear and strong message that resonates to the core of what we are trying to achieve, “Respect The Tree & Buy FSC.” The message also relates to the suggested URL name, “www.respectthetree.org.” This relationship allows the campaign to become more successful in its goal of awareness and getting the audience to remember and visit the website to search and buy FSC Certified products.

Secondly, I created a strong design theme to enhance the message with a graphical story. The shape of a chainsaw is an iconic shaped tool that is instantly recognizable to many. I utilized the iconic shape, but added a twist that tells a story. I used the teeth of the saw to show the lifecycle of a responsible forested tree/forest. The story is told in an oval/circular motion that allows for this story to happen over and over again. Responsible Forestry at its finest.

Overall look and feel also enhances the recognizable nature of the campaign. Using the wood grain texture and the burned brand mark gives the campaign a unique look that is instantly recognizable and wont be confused with any other ad campaign or brand currently in the market.