WOOD, PAPER, CHECKMARK: design an awareness campaign for sustainable forestry

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by angela morelli

We are all consumers of forests. Are you a responsible one?
The aim of this entry is to remind the viewer that everyone is a consumer of forests, infact forests provide us with more than 5,000 products that we use everyday, we are constantly surrounded by these products in our daily life. We have to face a responsibility then: as consumers we can choose between being good or bad ones. Buying FSC-certified products is the way to be a good forestry consumer, because FSC ngo is the seed of a responsible forestry management, it is the strong root that sustains life of forests, it is the origin of a tree whose fruits do not come from illegal logging and deforestation, but from respect for nature and care of trees.
A good consumer is picking up one of those precious fruits from the FSC-tree, inviting us to do the same, following his example.
URL: www.weloveforests.com
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