WOOD, PAPER, CHECKMARK: design an awareness campaign for sustainable forestry

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Don't disturb mother nature

by tuckykravitz

This campaign is based in alerting people to do not mess around with nature and to protect the environment by consuming and using FSC certified products. The concept is using a door handler, which tells you to do not disturb mother nature. I am also using a green color which goes with the environmental protection.

The message is to all the people that we need to respect nature and consider not to destroy or abuse from the trees that are in the forests. By consuming certified product we can take care of deforestation.

There is a lot of ways to protect nature and one of them is using FSC certified products and that would be the way we can let nature live and keep growing without being molested.

Most of the time we consume products without knowing where are they coming from. This days people start getting worry about how are we going to protect the world, the thing is we just don’t know how, so that is why this campaign is to alert before we do something, because most of the time if we see a signal where it says be careful, do not park here, we automatically react, so this is a good idea or orientation to people start acting responsible.