WOOD, PAPER, CHECKMARK: design an awareness campaign for sustainable forestry

Competition Details

Make The Effort

by Ashley Agee

For the Wood, Paper, Checkmark competition I designed a campaign for FSC to generate awareness of the problem of irresponsible forestry and presented a solution, which is purchasing FSC products to support sustainable forestry.
For the visual, I wanted to use imagery that was clean and simple, yet visually appealing. I chose to use the image of cut paper to arrange into a tree because I feel that other than wood, which is obvious, paper is the easiest connection to make with forests.
The basis of the campaign is the print ad which is simple featuring a photograph of a collage of words brought together to read as the main message, “When the effort is made, the environment can be saved.” The idea is that the pieces of paper all came from FSC certified paper and the effort it took to build the paper tree is representative of making the effort to purchase FSC products and support sustainable forestry. The message is clear and concise and the three lines of copy at the bottom of the page briefly explain the purpose of FSC and then directs viewers to the URL I chose to use which is, maketheeffort.com
The banner and skyscraper are clearly affiliated with the print ad using the pieces of paper with words to cover up the area of the banner revealing the main message. Both the banner and skyscraper are animated and then end with a message, “Your purchase can help, please make the effort.”
The button is also animated interchanging the logo with the message, “Make the effort.”