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WOOD, PAPER, CHECKMARK: design an awareness campaign for sustainable forestry


With The Nature Conservancy, Forest Stewardship Council - U.S. (FSC-US)


1st Prize

FSC Campaign

by dohara72


Know Forestry

by 1187 Creative

Judging Feedback

We received 127 entries from 34 countries for this competition. DESIGN 21 thanks all those who entered and is pleased to announce the following results.


Overall, the jury was very pleased with the talent, creativity and diversity displayed in the 127 competition entries. We were impressed with the range and depth of many of the entries. While the finalists have good merits, each Honorable Mention (listed below) has certain elements that, with some adjustment, could evolve into highly effective ads and the beginnings of future campaigns. The exercise of judging gave FSC and its conservation partners much to consider as we work to increase market awareness of FSC and consumer intent to purchase.


FSC Campaign by Mr. Damian O'Hara and Mr. Christophe Roger from France
Overall Winner and will receive $5,000

In choosing this entry, The Nature Conservancy and FSC-US had this to say: We selected this campaign for its direct simplicity, warm and humorous tone, and how it allows FSC to play in such a huge territory: climate change, indigenous people’s rights, wildlife protection. The everyday items featured – spoons, tables – are world-changing secret weapons that we all can wield in our everyday lives. The campaign connects seemingly intractable, heavy and complex issues like global climate change and illegal logging to the purchase and use of a simple household object – and presents this in an airy, bright and light-hearted manner. This is a very smart and clever campaign with a clean, understated design that we believe will be very appealing to the “conservation-engaged” audience that will be the target of this campaign. We can envision a suite of ads, all in the same family, featuring a variety of products, each telling a different story – umbrellas, plywood, reams of paper, books – giving this campaign a long shelf-life. The suggestion of a “buygoodwood” URL takes us back to the “Good Wood Alliance” that helped create the FSC. In short, this campaign has a lot of potential.

Judging for The Nature Conservancy and FSC-US were: Corey Brinkema, President of Forest Stewardship Council-U.S.; Michael Conroy, Head of Colibrí Consulting – Certification for Sustainable Development, and a member of the board of FSC-US; Martha Hodgkins, Senior Advisor with The Nature Conservancy’s Forest Trade Program, Matt Mattox, Senior Strategic Planner with The Martin Agency; and Robert M. Perkowitz, Founder and President of the environmental non-profit organization ecoAmerica, and Managing Director of the ecologically-conscious product website, VivaTerra LLC.

Damian O'Hara had this to say about being awarded the prize:
"First of all, I would like to thank the The Nature Conservancy and the Forestry Stewardship Council for choosing our entry, it's a great honor to have our idea chosen to raise awareness of the FSC as an organization. The idea behind the campaign is simply to make the public aware that items they buy can do a lot more than they were intended for by simple virture of having come from a FSC certified forest. Buy buying FSC certified products, habitats are being protected, illegal logging is being limited and the person has gotten the product they wanted without any compromise. I think once that message is out a lot more people will be looking out for the FSC mark and using their purchasing power in a positive way. Working in design you rarely get the feeling that your work makes a difference to the world at large never mind the environment but with this brief there was a chance to get a message out there that could make a difference and that in itself is a great reward."


In addition, members of DESIGN 21's Advisory Board selected their favorites to receive a prize (D21 Judge's Picks) of $1,125 each. They included: Niti Bhan (Singapore) Strategic design planning consultant and co-founder of the Emerging Futures Lab; Jennifer Leonard (Canada) Design researcher, writer and strategist at IDEO; David Carlson (Sweden) Brand consultant and founder of furniture brand David Design, trend guide David Report, and consultancy/event Designboost; and Halim Chouiery (Lebanon) Designer and educator, and vice president of ICOGRADA (International Council of Graphic Design Associations)

Know Forestry by 1187 Creative (Zak Ouart, Ben Ouart, Steven Darby, Russ Gruber, Lindsey Cox) from United States selected by Jennifer Leonard

Comments from Jennifer Leonard: I know something’s a good design when my eyes widen and I immediately I feel excitement. This entry is beautifully designed – in a visual and graphical sense – but it also communicates a strong, clear, compelling message. All elements of this piece come together effectively. “Every chair has its roots” is brilliant. It alludes, obviously, to the tree (with roots) but also the notion of history. So much today in our rampant consumer culture is disassociated from its past, from its origin story, from the journey it took to get where it got. This image and message together instantly connect the viewer to the issue at hand. And to me, unlike so many ‘cause-oriented’ campaigns, it does this without being preachy. This ad campaign stands out and draws me in. I want to learn more! In all, the message is strong, the visuals are beautiful (and powerful), the campaign is compelling, and the URL is bang-on, and easy to remember. Very well done.

Protect the Earth: Approved Campaign by Carlos Pion from United States selected by David Carlson

Comments from David Carlson: I fell for the "Protect the earth – approved campaign" because of its clear and direct message through the approved "stamp". You could almost hear the "stamp sound" from when FSC approve good forestry. I'm sure it will be able to create awareness of FSC and show people that buying certified products will protect nature, forest and wildlife.
Further on, I think it is positive to use an image of a forest in the campaign which will enable people to immediately understand the purpose behind it.
Technically, the campaign works in all different sizes from the bigger print ad to the smaller banners for the web. The FSC logo is used correctly and featured prominently.
Finally, I think that the proposed URL really says it all!

The Eco-shopping Campaign by Isabel Sanchez from United States by Niti Bhan and Halim Choueiry

Comments from Niti Bhan: To create awareness amongst an audience which a) has no awareness at all and b) is inundated with advertising messaging, something is required that stands out from the crowd. One assumes that print campaigns are mostly in magazines and newspapers, this campaign is simple, stark and eye catching – I believe it would stand out and capture the attention of the reader, thus at least creating awareness that something like the FSC certification exists. That is, it does the job required.

Comments from Halim Choueiry: A clean campaign, straight to the point, where you don’t need lots of time to understand the message that it is being communicated. The black and white also reflect a sort of sustainability. The design system is carried nicely through the rest of the supplied items. Good message. Good graphics.


Know Forestry by 1187 Creative (Zak Ouart, Ben Ouart, Steven Darby, Russ Gruber, Lindsey Cox) from United States received the prize of $500.

HONORABLE MENTIONS (selected by FSC-US and The Nature Conservancy)

Best intersection of commerce and responsible forestry

The Eco-shopping Campaign by Isabel Sanchez from United States

Best development of bold icon

Respect The Tree & Buy FSC by Ryan Currier from United States

Best invocation of sustainability and co-branding with like-minded groups

Go Further - Protect Forests by Candace Sepulis from Canada

Best at building a movement behind FSC

Demand This Logo by Nathan Mueller from United States

Most creative link between forests and forest products

Know Forestry by 1187 Creative from United States

Best illustration of social benefits of FSC

If You Knew... by Michael Robinson from United States

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