Millennium Promise Competition

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by mugdha kolhekar

Primary Education:


The design concept is to highlight the ill effects of lack of education. The little girl is blindfolded by the illiteracy. With no education, youngsters are likely to fall prey to the ‘land mines’ - crime, drugs, poverty etc.

Gender Equality:

Concept: To highlight the gender inequality in society.

In my ad,
1) The scale appears balanced- We like to believe that men and woman enjoy equal rights.
2) The male sign is on top of the scale- signifying the better position men enjoy in society.
3) The female sign is pushing the scale from the bottom.- Indicating the efforts to
bring herself to the same position as men.

Eradicating Poverty and Hunger:


Illiteracy is the main cause of poverty and hunger. Donating food and money is insufficient to combat poverty. It is necessary that the poor become self sufficient.
Education is the most effect tool to combat poverty.