Millennium Promise Competition

Competition Details


by The Blue Griffin

It’s less important that you are Millennium Promise, and more important that I become Millennium Promise, John in California, Betty in London, and so on.

A grass roots campaign that uses online initiatives to produce a potentially monumental campaign. This campaign focuses on the MPGs of eradicating extreme poverty hunger and disease.

This strategy targets young people between the ages 15 – 25 that believe the internet provides opportunity and empowerment to affect change. This type of campaign is strongest within this target group.

Personalization: Targets will see their personalities reflected in the campaign
Ownership: Target make campaign happen by their efforts
Sponsorship: Corporations match their consumers’ commitment
Tracking: Allows users to trace contributions to the campaign

Facebook Viral
- Targets form facebook groups that commit to giving x amount as a group and coordinate with each other.
- These groups can approach enlisted companies for matching donation

YouTube Viral
- Targets can buy the “i” tshirt (as seen in banners) from (profits go into general MP donation
- Shoot video of themselves or group wearing tshirt, discussing the issue and post to youtube
- Sponsor (ie. MTV donates to MP on behalf of best video(s))

Sponsor-based Virals
- Texting “XPHD ENDS” to MP activated number allows cell carriers to commit to donating $1 dollar to MP general giving fund. Limits can be set as needed.
- Printable coupons for participating brands that donates percentage of purchase to the campaign
- A group commits to a volunteer trip to a Millennium Village. A sponsor (ie. Priceline) foots travel, Pfizer donates supplies, etc. Volunteers can document their trip and post on Youtube/blogs.

Banner Ad Campaign (3 month duration)
Drives traffic to landing page and viral initiatives
Virals intended to drive the campaign and live on past the banner ad campaign

Online giving accounts:
- Hosted by portal managed by MP
- Allows setup of individual or group giving accounts
- Posts recent and top giving accounts, sponsors, email contact with others
- Make it simple by allowing targets to donate as much, and as often as they desire
- Track their donations, track others, matching sponsors and even earmarking (ie adopting a particular village)

Desktop Application and/or iPhone Application
- Updates on top donations and most recent ones
- Email group giving account owner (ie I want to join your group, multi-group efforts)