Millennium Promise Competition

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Millennium Promise Campaign ( General & Individual ) The Rest of Them :

by butterfly78

-The General Campaign :

Msg 000 : Is Reach Out & Do You Part !!
its after what we ve been through & showing the suffering life …The Millennium Promise calling everyone to do his/her part to Draw a smile on the suffered people faces by giving a hand to give them hope for better life!!!

Msg 00 : IS Putting End to Poverty !!
it’s the main thing we talking about it could be general & one of the goals too !! it shows how hard the poverty is on such a kid want to play & don’t know what is the meaning of being dressed !!

Msg G1: They Deserve to live A better life !!
we want to end poverty all over the world the most poor people In the Far east & Africa so I used the symbol for the 2 nations to call people to help them!!

Msg G2 : Act Now ! to Heal Their Suffering !!!
the photo I used making u see how they living a hard & unclean life !!!

P.S : ( The others from msg06,07,08, are the rest of the individual campaign for each goal )

My Sources were ( Photos ):, ( images) ,,