Millennium Promise Competition

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Millennium Promise Compaign ( General & Individual )

by butterfly78

Well it wasn’t an Easy campaign …I wanted to do it Easy simple to get to deliver an effective message
So First I read a lot about the Millennium Promise & what's they r aiming for & how important to progress in this to End the poverty by 2015 .
So I wanted to show people how are the negative things that the poverty societies are facing??!! & how bad are they !!!
To let people feel the suffering & imagine the positive things that the Millennium Promise is could have to Support them !! So I made a theme for the campaign hope u like it ! It’s simple & got to the point ….it’s showing The General call & on the other side I did the same style for each goal for the eight goals

-The Each Goal Campaign :
A matching Photo For Each One Powerful & Simple Slogan had the same theme or style in the others !!!
The Slogans for each :
1-Putting an End to Poverty Or Hunger,2-Putting an End to the Ignorance,3-Putting an End to Female Discrimination,4-Putting an End to Child Morality,5-Putting an End to lake of Prenatal Care,6-Putting an End to Uncontrolled Diseases,7- Putting an End to Drought,8-Work as one hand (End) Or Erase Poverty from our Land !!
My Sources was( Photos ):, ( images) ,,