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Millennium Promise 2015

by colin whalen

Millennium Promise 2015
The purpose of this design for the Millennium Promise 2015 is to simplify the graphics, make it easy to navigate, and make the Goals of the program and the goal of the campaign the strongest: uploaded video of people involved in each goal to bring awareness to an increasingly technological, yet apathetic audience. While the internet has become a fast moving source of information, it has also become of medium of indifference. With visual stimuli being a key element towards attracting attention, this flash-oriented, video-driven campaign of personal stories makes the effectiveness of the enacted Goals personal.
The Millennium Promise icon will load with short flash movements. The idea is to create an immediate technological state to the campaign before fully entering it. The Goal icons, in flash, will highlight with their respective colors upon hovering over them – acting as the navigation bar. The video page would then load for each respective Goal. Each page will state the Goal in their respective colors, detail the purpose and procedure to each goal, and then display one main video with three smaller ones. Each video will have a small description of the video to be played. The large video will play upon loading as the smaller three will play silently at the same time. The purpose is to entice a viewer by showing them as much of the stories as possible even if they can’t hear it. Upon clicking each smaller video, they will load into the larger screen. Each page will have a link for new videos to be uploaded to the site.
The Millennium Promise logo will be placed prominently on the page as it will lead to the purpose, goals, and faq of the Millennium Promise.