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The Price We Pay

by Christopher Nguyen

Observing my own habits, there is so much I take for granted. It’s hard to admit in a consumer drivin’ economy. But just look around, at everything in our houses, the things we use, wear, and most importantly, the things we eat. We rarely look back and see how fortunate we are. This exists without our control, and is something we’ll continually take for granted in our society. In no way is this an attack on the way we live our lives, but sometimes, we blindly and knowingly purchase with no attachment or concern to the rest of the world. The questions we ask ourselves are: where do we eat, do we eat in or out, what sounds good, what do we do tonight, where did you buy that, etc? And with people living in poverty, the questions would seem to be much different. I won’t even pretend like I know, because I can’t understand the feeling/emotions that rise through hunger. It isn’t something I have experienced, or needless to say, want to; and would never ever wish upon anyone else, even the asshole drivers on the road; sorry, but I had to through that in. But if anything else, this project makes me look upon my own purchasing habits from the essentials, to the things that entertain me. Do I really need it, how much of it do I need, is there something that can substitute this? But most importantly, what’s going on behind the scenes? Who produces it, what effects to they have on the world. This helps me understand who I’m supporting, and who I should support. It puts responsibility into my own hands as a consumer, to research develop, and at least start a conversation on issues that occur, that need to be changed, challenged, or investigated. This must be done if we look to be successful in achieving and sustaining a poverty free environment for our own countries, as well as help the many others that are in dire need.

this is and multimedia project done in flash, but the file wouldn't fit