Millennium Promise Competition

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bring them to life

by erika suarez

My intent in designing this campaign is to use the millenium development goals, to bring life and hope to those in dire need. It is to make it possible for any individual in touch with the campaign to become involved and increase their capacity to provide aid as well as significantly dimish suffering in the third world.

I tried to design a visually friendly campaign with simple graphics that can appeal to everyone in order to encourage them to think about, participate in, and become one with this global aid cause, without scarring them or diminishing their desire to help.

This intention was in order to increase interaction and thus make users achieve certain deep pshychologic reward as they get envolved in the campaign, driving them to repeat the experience, furthering the cause.

The campaign consists of a children’s play book in which items are taken from one section and used to dress and enable characters elsewhere in the book. Once on the internet the users, via manipulation with the mouse, can choose items from the right side margin and provide them to the needy African child represented on the main screen to provide means necessary to address specific needs and decrease the disparities between this child and another depicted next to him. It intends to approximate these two different worlds by raising awareness in our new generations of existing disparities including those of oportunity, medical, alimentary and social character. Users will be taught problem solving in providing the appropriate resource where it is most needed.

I wanted to teach the 8 millenium development goals, aiming to achieve equality in by the end of the book. The marketing hook is to exploite our capitalist nature by acquiring company endorsement and selling advertisement space on the graphics of the campaign thus using real economic drive to help decrease the disparity with the third world.

I believe that with this web design page, we will be able to significantly diminish the international barriers to cummunication by making this campaign easily translatable, highly visual, uncomplicated and entertaining.

I am only hoping to increase the chance that more children will truly live.