Millennium Promise Competition

Competition Details

Make it real

by Siwat Tongpatanakul


Campaign Concept:
To increase awareness of the 8 MDGs via illustration and photography in video to be distributed through high traffic sites ie. Youtube & Facebook. Illustrations like the one displayed here, 2 people, a man and a woman balancing each other on a set of scales to represent 'gender equality'. Tree-vine & 'undergrowth' can also represent 'environmental sustainability', however this was an afterthought to increase decoration in showing 'gender equality'.

A. Video/Flash idea:
Series of stills concept, photograph of current situation followed by an idyllic illustration or photograph. Or to simplify the campaign, only the idyllic images would be displayed followed by the slogan.

1. Photo of malnourished children/people > image of abundant food and healthy people.
2. Photo of child working > image of happy children in a classroom.
3. Photo of women working as a man/men stand by idly > image of men working with the women.
4. Photo of sickly child > image of healthy child.
5. Photo of single unhealthy pregnant lady > image of happy pregnant lady being cared for.
6. Photo of the diseased > image of the healthy.
7. Photo of barren/dry area with animal skeletons > image of lush area with animals.
8. Photo of war/fighting > image of a group of people in a council.

Finally followed by the slogan 'make it real'. All to be displayed as 1 single video or shown in 8 separate short videos.